Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DeWalt Tools UK v. US

When searching for DeWalt Power Tools on Ebay, you will find a lot of machines imported from the US. Whilst these can sometimescost lessand therefore seem a bargain, there are a few things to consider before you purchase.

    They will not bear the CE mark, as shown below, and may not conform to our health and safety laws.
    Without the CE mark, they will not be guaranteed by DeWalt Europe, including the UK. DeWalt have instructed their authorised repair agents, including ourselves, not to repair any machine that does not have a CE mark or is accompanied by a purchase invoice, from an authorised DeWaltDealer. If you wish to verify this, please go to the DeWalt UK website where you will be able to contact them either by email or telephone the warranty department. You will also find a list of DeWalt Bona Fida Dealers. In an ideal world, machines don't fail, but as every tradesman knows, sometimes they do and then a quick and efficient repair service is needed. If you have a warranty and/or an invoice from a DeWalt Agent you will be able to take it to any DeWalt repair agent (there will normally be one local to you, just check on DeWalt's website). If you do not have a guarantee, even a small item like a switch can cost up to 20 to purchase and unless you can fit it yourself, labour charges on top of that. In the case of corded machines, these should be fitted by an authorised repair agent in order to meet health and safety regulations.
    Although they may seem a bargain, you may have to pay import duties or VAT when they are imported into this Country, and may in some cases get a bill after the item has been delivered.
    All power Tools including battery chargers with cordless tools will be 110v as this is the only voltage used in America.

So weigh these facts carefully before buying a US DeWalt Machine and also check out the reworked / reconditioned machines for sale see our Ebay Shop,DeWalt Reworked these are excellent value for money as they are mostly new and unused and are fully guaranteed as a new DeWalt machine. If you would like any further information please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to talk to you and give you unbiased advice based on our 35 years experience in the Power Tools trade.

This is an example of a CE mark.

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