Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Planning your wedding outfit - avoid disappointment!

There seems to be a lot of problems people are having with buying wedding/bridesmaid dresses on ebay. I would like to give my experience in the hope that it will help others.

Planning a wedding is a very expensive buisiness, and Ebay is a great place to find absolute bargains. Im getting married in summer 2008 and I want something completely different for my wedding, involving a red and black theme. Usually finding whati like involves having items custom made - at virtually unaffordable prices inbridal shops on the high street!

I have read several guides written by girls who have been dissapointed with their dresses - usually ordered from places in South East Asia, often China. It does pay to remember that China IS the cheap copy capital of the world, but not all Chinese companies are rip off merchants. Some of them do have their own factories in China but have set up legitimate companies here in order to trade in the UK. Look for ones who have a UK base and have been trading here for some time.

If you've really got your heart set on an expensive designer dress, then I would say, save your cash up, go to a bridal shop and get your hearts desire! But if, like me, your not too fussy and the last thing you want is the latsest designer fashion extreme, read on!

I already had my dress (purchased from an online gothic shop outside ebay) but I needed to find flowers,jewelry and my bridesmaid dresses. There are a lot of good uk sellers on ebay for flowers and decorations, many offering custom made at a fraction of the hight street prices. You just have to be careful and check the feedback with a fine tooth comb.

My bridesmaid dresses came from weddingtime2000, a uk based seller, who imports from their factory in China.They do state that they import their dresses and the postage price reflects this. They state that the charge for postage includes VAT duty and all import taxes from China, so you know there will not be any nasty surprises! Also, the dresses are hand finished and detailed. They answered all my queries immediately and offered me a deal on the purchase of two dresses, size 8 and 14. They came within a week and I was thrilled to bits. The dresses were just as in the picture, but the sizes came up a little big - but this was easily remedied. Instead of a zip, there is lacing at the back - this allows for easy adjustment, and the halterneck is also adjustable. My girls have to wear these dresses all day and I want them to be comfortable. The price for both dresses, postage and packing came to 76. Nowhere on the high street will you find that kind of a deal!

I can heartily recommend this seller - they answer all emails straight away, offer refunds if not happy and most of their dresses are lace-up adjustable to ensure a good fit. The detail on the dresses is painstakingly hand sewn and my girls can't wait for the wedding so they can wear them.

I have also purchased all my jewelry for the big day from Inspired-by-Izzy. Necklace, earrings, brooch - all for less that 10. This lovely shop delivered my goods in just 2 days!

If you want to make you own veil, go to Jask-Wear for the veil netting - cost 3 and arrived next day! However I then changed my mind and decided to buy a lovely ready made black one from bridal-bliss - just 4.99. So I will be using the netting I purchased to make favours!

Finally, the underwear - I am wearing a steel boned corset bought for 40 from Fallen-Angels - this seller is exceptional for value and again, fast delivery time.

If you are planning your wedding on a budget,ebay is a great place to start. Just check out the feedback VERY carefully, look for members who bought the same item as you and dont be afraid to contact them and ask them if they were happy with their purchase. Only go for UK based sellers who have been registered with ebay for at least a year or two, and dont part with your cash until you have contacted the seller.

There are many great bargains and sellers who offer fantastic deals on ebay -its worth doing if you are short on cash and definatley if you want to be different! Many sellers run successful online stores on the net, and use ebay to sell off their excess/end of linestock. This is great for us bargain hunters, as you can often find one-off, or unusual items at bargain prices!

Finally, thannk you for reading my article, andif you have found this guide helpful, please Vote Yes below.

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