Monday, July 26, 2010

Pitfalls of a cautious novice selling a mobile phone

So mad after trying to sell a mobile phone this week, I would like to think that after selling for some months on E-Bay (and finding all I've dealt with honest and fair) I was doing OK. I had read some horror stories onthe community members notice board especially about phone scammers but conveniently forgot some of the advice thiswhen I came to sell my phone.

I purposely stated only Paypal or cheque and yes, I blocked buyers from outside the UK and with 2 unpaid strikes against them, and with less than 1 feedback, but lo and behold, the 2 bidders had no history and one had even joined the last day of my auction! Being concerned I sentboth a polite e-mail voicing these concerns and of coursethey never answered, I then sentone persistant biddera message saying even if he had won I would not post it..e-Bay now tell me if I refuse a winnning bidder, whoever he is, I can get negative feedback. Am I bovvered? I would rather get 1 negative (as if a scammer would do that, he would just move on to the next sucker) than be scammed. E-bay also saysI should have stated Paypal account holders only, but hey, there are also horror stories of people being paid through Paypal, sending off the item and then having Paypal freeze the funds because of a supected fraudulent account, i.e, someone's account being hijacked.

Like some other sellers I am curious to know what a similar item selling at the same time as mine will fetch, and so had a watch on several similar phones, afternoticing a phone sell to a bidder with no history, in the U.S. I contacted the seller to be cautious as it was also happening to me. Too late, and guess what, she had stated UK postage only but had not blocked the bid, She eventually sold to the underbidder, but this was the second time it had happened to her. There's one lady who will never sell another phone on e-Bay.

Anyway I have sold my phone (paying by cheque) and the buyer seems genuine, but I am totally exhausted and still furiousfrom last night. What a palaver, will stick to selling clothes and material, not many scammers out there for a yard of Laura Ashley, are there?

The other side of this bidding war,is yes, it can raise the bids, but the genuine bidder may end up paying more by these false bids and the seller can lose out, or like me spend 2 hours furiously sendng messages instead of enjoying the summer evening in the garden..

Just had to tell someone and I'm sure the Samaritans won't be too interested.

Am now thinking of changing my user name to Paranoid Pauline

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